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This service is provided by the payments community working together, in partnership with the Emerging Payments Association, to make sure everyone receives fair access to the right financial services.

We created SignpostNow because we were frustrated that in 2018, there are more people than ever struggling to get access to banking services.

We were frustrated that exclusion from the financial mainstream often means that consumers pay a ‘poverty premium’ for products and services and have less choice. That ‘poverty premium’ is estimated to be around £1,300 each year.

We were frustrated that the people with the least, are paying the most.

As professionals in the payments industry, we felt a duty to do something about it. On this site, you’ll be asked a small number of basic questions about your banking needs. This will enable us to find the best product for you.

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SignpostNow would like to thank the individuals and organisations that have supported us in our mission to ensure that financial services are available to all.

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